Posted: 20/03/2020

Spring offer

At a time when we are forced to spend our time in self-isolation, but we are so keen to breathe in the spring, we have a suggestion that you take the bag on your shoulders, and go in nature! The stages of Camino Latvia are just designed to be on the way, to enjoy the spring in nature, perhaps not to see anyone on the way, but to come home with slightly tired feet, a full breast of fresh air, and happy!
Do it simply – choose one of stages from Riga till Zagare, take a bus from Riga, Tīreļi, Līvbērze, Jelgava, Dobele, Tērvete, or you can easily get to your preferred starting point with your personal transport and go on your way.

After the day, one of our “yellow arrow car” will take you either at your starting point or to Dobele or Jelgava, from where you will easily get home by public transport.
If you choose a “yellow arrow car” service (prices will be democratic, we’ll be sure to talk), you’ll should contact us by phone, 29 284599, before you go.