St. Jacob’s Way is becoming more and more recognizable and popular in Latvia.
In 2022, in addition to the usual markings – printed plates with yellow shells and arrows, in Cēsis and Sigulda on the Camino route, new, beautiful decorations – bronze and brass shells – were embedded in the paving stones of the cities. Silver seashells on stainless steel plates were embedded in the cobblestone pavement in Kegums.
A bronze shell made by artist Matias Jansons proudly basks in the sun on the Sigulda bridge over Gauja.
In Valmiera, on the banks of the Gauja, a fabulously beautiful rest bench dedicated to St.Jacob`s path, painted by the artist and journalist of Valmiera region Inese Andersone. On a bench, the artist has depicted the wavy shore of the sea, which washes away the footprints of pedestrians. There, in the glittering sand of the seashore, various seashells shine, symbolizing the fact that everyone should look around on their way and learn to be happy even for everyday things and events that are so self-evident
And at the very end of the year, thanks to the friendly cooperation of the Camino Latvia team members, new Camino signs were made – milled in wood, painted and varnished. They will be installed in 2023.