The 3 March 2019, travellers of Santiago Road, pilgrims, trails and natural lovers can mark in their calendars as a significant day in Latvia’s history, as the construction of the St James Road (Camino de Santiago) on the territory of Latvia was officially launched on that day, which will be part of the path of St. James up to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain.
On the morning of March 3, the Lithuanian city of Zagara gathered around 30 pilgrims from Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.
Polish Camino Polaco representative Bogdan Czarniawski gave warm and encouraging words to Latvian enthusiasts, as well as handed out a “start-up kit” for the creation of a road composed of the symbol of the Holy Jacob Road –the shell-trafarte and the colors of balloons
Camino Lituanio’s representative Marius Minkevicius and the Lithuanian group gave Latvia the first sign of St. James’s Road.