Railway bridge over the Rauna River

Liepa – Cēsis

Points of interest
GPS 57.36002, 25.37380
Object description

The stone bridge built in 1889, in honor of which a postage stamp was once issued, is the highest railway structure of such kind in the Baltics. The railway bridge over Rauna River is one of the most expressive engineering objects in Latvia. It is 24 meters high and 78.9 meters long. The bridge was built on the railway line Riga – Valka.
The bridge is also unusual, because the trains, especially freight trains, have to reach a speed of exactly 80 km / h here. It is not allowed to go faster over the bridge, but when running slower, the train cannot overcome the slight incline on both sides of the bridge and may start to slide back after a while.
Another interesting fact: The railway bridge over the Rauna River was built in the same year as the Eiffel Tower.
It is best viewed from the right side of the Cēsis-Valmiera highway. It is not possible to see it nearby! It is one of the critical infrastructure objects and is not intended for pedestrians. It is guarded!