Monument to Latvian and Estonian soldiers killed in the battles of Cesis

Liepa – Cēsis

Points of interest
GPS 57.36337, 25.37411
Object description

On June 6-21, 1919 the 6th Regiment of the 3rd Estonian Division (Commander K.Tallo), the 3rd Regiment (Commander J.Krūss) and the 2nd Cēsis Regiment of the Northern Latvia Brigade (Commander K.Berķis) fought heroically in the Freedom fights against the Landeswehr on the banks of Rauna River and Gauja River.
In 2004, when the 85th anniversary of the Battle of Cēsis was celebrated, on the side of the Cēsis-Valmiera highway near the Rauna River in Priekuli Parish there was unveiled a memorial stone to 110 Estonian and 44 Latvian soldiers who died in these battles.