Liepa Manor

Valmiera – Liepa

Points of interest
Liepas pagasts, Liepasmuiža, LV-4128
Object description

Liepa Manor (Lindenhoff) has been located on Liepa Hill near the Rauna River Valley in a 15-hectare territory for more than 340 years. There is a beautiful natural landscape in a quiet place with an old park, with 7 cascades of ponds, with garden and art objects in nature.
Liepa Manor keeps many interesting cultural and historical events and stories. The history of the manor can be divided into several stages: the establishment and activities of the manor from 1672 to 1919, new status from 1919 till the beginning of the 90s, the period of oblivion from the beginning of the 90s till 2014, when the manor began rebirth. Since 2014, intensive building renovation works, park caring  and gardening works have been taking place here. From July 2016, the Liepas Manor’s complex is public available in a new status – as a guest house, seminar and event centre, art resort.

There is one of Camino’s accommodation’s points.