Posted: 15/07/2023

Information for those who make Camino by bicycle

1) Valka – Turna, 100% appropriate.
2) Turna – Strenči. Possible till Jerceni. From Jerceni to Seda, a slightly more complicated but
beautiful way through the Seda swamp. Trails – mostly appropriate for riding, some places
can have to push a bike. From Seda, it`s all right again to the Strenci. If you use alternative
option B, you can drive without problems along the gravel road.
3) Strenci – Valmiera. From Strenci to Brenguli appropriate for riding. From the Brenguli
along Abula i`ts path to Valmiera, certainly not possible by bicycle. Look at the alternative to
reach Valmiera.
4) Valmiera – Liepa. You can take the beginning of the stage on Camino, but then you must
go over the bridge and continue on Meztaka. There`s a cyclist trail.
5) Liepa – Cesis. The road section Liepa – Cesis passes through the territory of Gauja National
Park and has not been granted official route status. We recommend that this stage be
planned for itself by travelling through publicly available paths.
6) Cesis – Ligatne. It`s a good ride to the Zvartas rock. From the Zvartas rock along the Amata
River, places must be pushed, places can be passed. But this stage is not so long, about 2.5
km, then till Ligatne appropriate for cycling.
7) Ligatne – Sigulda. Good for cycling.
8) Sigulda – Krimulda. Better to go down the highway. Camino`s path quite mountainous.
9) Krimulda – Vangazi. Appropriate.
10) Vangazi – Carnikava. Appropriate.
11) Carnikava – Vecaki. Along the coast of the sea.
12) Vecaki – Riga. Appropriate.
Very good roads are from Riga to Zagare and from Riga to Skaistkalne throughout all stages.