Posted: 28/12/2020

Cordial THANKS to our donors

The Camino Latvia team extends its warmest gratitude to our donors whose support in course of this year has helped us carry out a number of mini projects as well as to continue with the daily work on the creation of Camino Latvia. This includes designing and creating stamps for the albergues and other pilgrim lodging places, setting up bird cages carrying Camino signs, setting up sign posts in Zemgale section of the road, creating sign tablets and stickers, buying the yellow paint for waymarking, continuing the printing of pilgrim passports, postcards, maps and other promotional materials, as well as tea shirts and nature friendly shopping bags with Camino symbols.

Donations have made it possible to organize several events which include a festive setting up of Camino signpost on the Latvia-Estonia border in Valka, as well as re-planting the signpost on the Latvia-Lithuania border in Žagare.

With the help of donated money it is possible to continue working out the Vidzeme section of the road and to arrange for lodging places for the pilgrims. Donations help us cover for promotional gifts – tea shirts, scarfs, etc. with Camino symbols to help us raise the popularity of St James Way in Latvia.

We are very grateful to all our supporters and friends for helping us create Camino Latvia!

We wish you a peaceful Christmas season followed by a colourful and successful New Year!

Buen Camino!