Posted: 13/12/2020

Camino Latvia Christmas Tree

The symbol of Camino is yellow arrow- it’s a sign who shows directions.
To sailors in the sea it’s a polar star, to Rainis it was Aspāzija, to Tom it’s Jerry and to Vinny the Poo it was honey pot.
Everyone needs someone to follow- something that allows you to go further, to discover more and feel stronger.
We believe your ROAD will only begin if you take one Christmas tree decorotions and it’s gonna show you the road you need to follow
Did you know that the  “Milky way” in Spanish is called El camino de Santiago?
It says- The dust made from walkers was raised between the stars and it is believed to show spiritual guidance to all in the world.
You are welcome to leave your Christmas Decoration in the tree so someone might use it to find their new path.